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How CEOs and Founders can become charismatic speakers in a day, without setbacks, even if you dislike presentations, media appearances, talking on video or public speaking.


We don’t want to remind you too much of that feeling when your heart pounds in your chest, your hands feel sweaty and clammy, or your voice trembles because this is something that up to 77% of humans experience at the thought of public speaking.

Presenting anxiety is entirely normal whether in front of an audience, in a pressure-cooker meeting, investor pitch, or behind the camera lens.

Freezing up on stage, moving too much or too little, struggling to project your voice tone or feeling out of sync with your audience are just a few of the challenges we can face when public speaking.
You’re not alone.

If you’ve ever wanted to set the perfect tone for your company with charismatic presentations, media appearances and elegant speaking but have already lost time searching for public speaking courses in Melbourne and feel little inclination to join a generic public speaking class, you should consider my VIP Day for CEOs and Founders. I will train you in the niche tactics you need to become a vocally influential speaker in a way that accelerates your brand and builds your industry visibility.

Because the last thing you want is to be invited to speak for a huge and unexpected opportunity and not be ready.

Elite Public Speaking Training

Hello, I’m Sarah


After working for over a decade as an executive speaking consultant and speech pathologist, I noticed that many public speaking programs leave out the detailed science-backed solutions communication research offers. As a result, most presentation training options don’t focus on personalised training in a way that gives you a transformative experience and method unique to your persona and visibility goals for your industry, personality and unique communication style. While Toastmasters and group workshops are a great way to cut your teeth on stage, the generic approach and time commitment involved can have a limiting impact on getting the tangible outcome you need, especially if you’re a flat-out entrepreneur or founder with limited scope available to invest in time-consuming group sessions on weeknights.

This is why I’ve designed a richly-packed public speaking course that allows you to get it done in a day, in person, with me so that you can be ready at the last minute or at the best moment right away to give the presentation of your life. Rather like public speaking triage, with high-level expert crisis care geared to CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders, so that you can walk away buoyant and upskilled in one day, ready for any high-level presentation, media appearance or curveball opportunity that will propel you forward as an industry leader.

Sometimes speaking and media opportunities come up out of the blue. There is no way that long-winded generalised public speaking courses can prepare you for an appearance that needs elite presentation skills.

This is why I’ve created this public speaking course and structured it as a VIP day so you can get it done in a day.

public speaking


Back in 2018, I was contacted by a landscape architect who was on the path to developing into a global industry leader in the design space for their ingenious climate solutions. My new client had to prepare her first Ted Talk. Although they had presented small talks before, they were eager to reach their audience naturally and craft their presentation skills to add more of a human touch and build rapport with the viewer.

It turns out this was a brilliant goal because my client’s Ted Talk to date has just under 2 million views with over 58,000 likes, and they have since been invited to speak at numerous global events and even made it into Time Magazine and the New York Times.

In just 12 minutes on stage, my client built their brand and influence at a global level. What did it take?

Obviously, they had years of experience in their industry niche to become an expert, but regarding the training it took to get their message across in a way that resonated with millions of people, 5 hours of work with me.

This is just one of many industry leaders I’ve trained at the brink of their viral public speaking breakthrough.

So how did I partner with my client to get them ready?

You need considerable niche skills to prepare to step on stage with impeccable confidence to deliver an elite and memorable presentation.

What we Cover

Here’s a summary of what we can cover so that you, like my many clients, can harness verified tools that capture the crowd and make your message change lives, hearts and minds.

You’ll get a dedicated day with me as your communication expert in which I’ll show you how to:

public speaking courses Melbourne

Increase your charisma when speaking on camera, in front of an audience or to the media using 16-verified tactics supported by the latest communication science research.

public speaking courses Melbourne

Warm up your voice to clarify your tone and feel assured and acoustic while presenting.

public speaking courses Melbourne

How to speak off the cuff and with a teleprompter, and when you should opt for either

public speaking courses

Incorporate logical flow strategies so you don’t need a script. You can confidently present your ideas and message, especially in media interviews, on stage and in pressure-cooker situations

public speaking courses

Walk on stage, move on camera, and use facial expressions and gestures to charm and endear your listener, audience and the public — your body talks, and you’ll learn how to use it more effectively.

public speaking courses

Set up your lighting, microphone, camera angles and other gear to ensure you look and sound good on diy video.

presentation skills training

Build your elevator pitch so that you can state your value offer precisely and with magnetic conviction.

presentation skills training

Increase your vocal expression using my prototype vocal palette training to keep your speaking animated, gripping and engaging.

presentation skills training

Dress for stage, the camera and career-defining meetings so you can leverage increased executive presence and credibility and feel comfortable and self-assured

public speaking course

Respond to unexpected questions so that you can speak with impeccable structure, confidence, and build rapport with the crowd.

Attend a bespoke VIP day with Sarah that covers media training, voice tone, posture and expression, teleprompter and spontaneous speaking tips, and speaking to the camera training customised to your entrepreneurial / career needs.

Get it done in a day. The perfect fit for busy CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs who know that communication stealth will increase the cadence of their impact, brand, presence and credibility.

Master the crown jewel of communication through our persuasive public speaking course- ready for your next media interview, marketing campaign, summit event or company presentation.

Introducing our premiere elite public speaking training


public speaking courses

Discover the step-by-step way, in a day, to become a talented and charismatic speaker in the most time-effective and personalised way by spending a day with Sarah.

Not only will you gain charisma for presentations, public speaking and media appearances, but you’ll also get:


Your chance to dedicate an entire day to solve your public speaking goals, reduce angst and get ready for any presentation opportunity.

From 9 am – 3 pm, you’ll work through extensive and practical exercises and solutions with Sarah so that by the end of the day, you have all the tools, techniques and strategies you need to deliver the keynote, media appearance or pitch of your life.

This is your unique opportunity to work 1-1 with executive communication coach, opera singer and certified speech pathologist Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez in a performance and science-backed program that will transform your confidence and eloquence on stage.

Includes a business lunch on Level 14, 380 St Kilda Road with Sarah and beverages and snacks during the day.

Valued at $4,500


In addition to your VIP day, your purchase includes a bonus four-week follow-up mentorship with Sarah to solidify your public speaking goals.

You’ll receive 1-month of complimentary access to Sarah on the private voice messaging channel Voxer during business hours for one month of on-the-fly public speaking advice – valued at $500/mo.

What’s Voxer?

Voxer is a voice application that lets you talk or text. It’s super handy and will be like having a communication consultant in your back pocket. After your detailed training, we can promise that you’ll have many revelations and ideas to mull over, so having this direct access to Sarah will be a priceless opportunity to implement your public speaking goals and is the ideal fit if you’re time-constrained because it’s a streamlined and efficient way to move your goals forward fast.

Valued at $500


Sarah will allocate a portfolio of resources suited to your presenting skills gaps, which you can access during and after your training in your custom-built consulting suite. These training guides will allow you to systematically plug and play confident and charismatic public speaking techniques fast.

Valued at $500


Because we have extensive content to cover during your VIP day, I want to leave no stone unturned, so your purchase also includes access to my Online Presence Mini course. The need for a charismatic online presence is increasing, especially with hybrid workplaces, increased video calls, digital summits and conferences. This course will prepare you for presenting in an animated, vibrant and smooth manner online. Your lesson includes a twenty-minute video tutorial outlining how to secure your online presence for out-of-studio media interviews, web calls, pitch meetings online and more. Speaking into a camera requires a lot of skill, practice and technical know-how. This class will give you all you need to refresh your persona online. If you’re feeling stiff, stagnant and exhausted with Zoom calls, hybrid work and webcams, this is the perfect solution to rewire and inspire you to overcome screen speaking fatigue.

The online presence course also includes a comprehensive guide to setting up your audio and lighting for building a DIY high-level lighting, camera and audio kit suited to your communication needs.

Valued at $500

TOTAL COST: $3300 (valued at $5,800), 


Purchase Now

Your investment: $3300
Choose the payment option that’s best for you

One-Time Payment

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Purchase your VIP Day with Sarah with a one-time payment of $3,300.

The Payment Plan

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4 instalment payments of $860 (chunk your payments)

Let’s talk

You can reach us easily by:

Call 0402 001 420

Send an email to for more information about getting started with your VIP presentation skills training.

We can discuss together the niche fit your public speaking training needs. We’ll issue a quote and statement of work so that you’re clear on what we’ll deliver. 

A Breakdown of The Event

What your VIP Day Public Speaking Course will Look Like


Once your application is accepted, we’ll schedule an onboarding call to clarify your public speaking training goals, ask any questions and ensure we’re clear on KPIs for the day and your top speaking goals so that Sarah can make out your day in a personalised and bespoke way.

Once we complete this onboarding call, you’ll be ready to book your VIP day.

public speaking courses Melbourne


9:00 am

You’ll arrive at the CADENZA HQ (Level 14, 380 St Kilda Road, Melbourne) for your public speaking VIP day.

We’ll start with a morning briefing over coffee of the core KPIs for the day ahead before launching right into your first bespoke session of the day. We’ll then give you login access to your personal digital learning platform, where all your resources, exercises and practical tools will be allocated for later reference.

9:15 am

The day starts with Voice Optimisation training, where you’ll learn the best-fit vocal warm-up that your voice needs, as well as tactical drills to suit your communication style and voice tone so that you have the most effective system for getting your voice ready for any presentation, keynote or media appearance. At the end of the first session, you’ll receive a portfolio of your allocated voice exercises with video demonstrations to implement voice techniques after our session.

The resources are built in such a way that you can log in on your phone before a presentation to complete the guided warm-up with Sarah before any presentation.

This is your unique chance to get voice training for public speaking with a professional opera singer, speaker and voice therapist, the only offer of its kind in Australia.

10:00 am

From 10 am to 11 am, you’ll receive training in the 16- verified charisma tactics for public speaking with practical demonstrations and the chance for personal rehearsal so that you know what behaviours to increase to build your magnetism on-stage. While the charisma techniques are concrete behaviours supported by research, this training is practical and tailored to you not theoretical. It includes vocal, verbal and speech rhythm tools to increase your eloquence and stage presence while speaking.

11:00  am

Next, it will be time for an intensive that covers how intense presenting is. We’ll look at tools and techniques to assist you in overcoming performance barriers, performance anxiety and high-level pressure on stage, behind the lens or behind a microphone. You’ll gain the scientific and artistic tools Sarah uses on stage for seamless vocal and physical performance as an opera singer that will revolutionise how you interact with your audience and internal fears so that you can feel polished and prepared for any audience size. This training is the most practical way to address the flight and fight response most people face on stage. In 1 hour, you’ll learn what elite performers spent a lifetime mastering to overcome performance anxiety and deliver for their audience.


After this session, it will be time for a chance to decompress further with a fine dining business lunch experience on Level 14, 380 St Kilda Road with Sarah, where you can take the opportunity to reflect on your morning of learning, ask questions and enjoy the superb cuisine that Melbourne is known for before returning to the CADENZA HQ for your afternoon of training.

1:00  pm

Our next session will be dedicated to bodywork, where you’ll cover how to walk on stage, position your body on stage, emote more effectively with facial and gestural expressions, and overcome any eye contact concerns behind the camera or in front of a large audience.

You’ll receive solid training in how to make a strong stage entrance and exit as well as tools to calm your body of excess and erratic movements, poor posture, breath positioning and hesitant neurotic stance on stage that kill charisma with clear demonstrations, examples and targeted feedback so that you know exactly what you’re doing and how to do it better.

2:00 pm

This session is dedicated to the technical tools of a presenter. According to your onboarding call, we will prioritise any or all of the following as time permits:

  • Spontaneous speaking training and how to respond to unexpected questions with poise, polish and charm to stop yourself from freezing up on stage or in interview/ panel settings
  • Teleprompter training
  • Dealing with the media like an expert
  • Microphone and lighting tips for presenting better in DIY videos- great for founders and business owners
  • Scripting strategies

To wrap up the day, Sarah will sit with you and prepare your public speaking biography and develop your unique value proposition based on her observations across the day so that you can leave with a finalised personal branding document in your hands that outlines your unique public speaking style and offer ready for your next event.

Presentation skills training shouldn’t be a time suck and leave you feeling underdone, especially since wasted minutes are lost business and career opportunities.

Discover this step-by-step way in a day to become a talented and charismatic speaker for public speaking, presentations & media appearances on stage, in the boardroom or behind the lens without spending years trying to overcome performance anxiety.

Our Guarantee to you

our guarantee

We provide a top-tier service; if you’re dissatisfied with anything, we’ll work to make it right because we are committed to advocating for your communication comfort and outcomes.

CADENZA services are an engaging, stimulating, and first-class experience for your communication. Since extensive planning, research, and detail go into tailoring all of our offers and products for you, we do not extend any refunds on any of our services.

Here’s what people are saying about our presentation skills training…

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Let’s break it down…

When you do the VIP day public speaking course with Sarah, you’ll get:

  • 1 full day of individualised public speaking training, delivered in person (valued at $4,500)
  • A 4-week mentorship with Sarah to solidify your speaking goals with total accountability via our walkie-talkie style interface (valued at $500)
  • Access to Sarah’s prototype trackers, self-evaluation tools, frameworks and hands-on playbooks that elevate your public speaking style, all easily accessed digitally within your private member suite (valued at $500)

As well as our in-demand bonus

  • Online presence mini-course that gives you all you need to refresh your persona online, perfect for you if you’re feeling stiff, stagnant and exhausted with Zoom calls, hybrid work and webcams (valued at $300)

Total cost: $3,300

(valued at $5,800)

public speaking course

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Here are the common questions that we get and our answers.

1. I’ve never heard of a VIP day. What is it?

A VIP day is a day that gives you total access for one full day, to an industry expert, providing you with a thorough, personalised and fast solution for your needs.

2. Who exactly is this VIP Day public speaking course for?

Sarah Geiger International’s presentation training is best suited to time-strapped people who know how they communicate on stage, to the media or in the public eye directly impacts their business ventures, career potential and credibility as an industry leader or public figure.

3. I’m not a CEO, Founder, Executive or Entrepreneur, would this VIP day be suitable for my public speaking training?

Although this public speaking course is geared towards CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs and executives, the beauty of the program is that Sarah tailors your VIP day to your needs so that your bespoke goals are achieved. If you’re unsure whether your specific public speaking training goals will suit this program get in touch with Sarah.

4. I've already tried public speaking courses but didn't follow through because I'm too busy, would this even work for me?

The best thing about this public speaking course in Melbourne is that it can be done in a day. The presentation skills training has been designed for people that work in high-powered roles who can’t commit to a regular time frame due to managing several companies, travelling extensively or simply not having the time to keep up consistent sessions. If this sounds like you, receiving your public speaking training in an intensive model across one day, is the best way to get strategies in place and give you the chance to dedicate focus across a feasible time frame given your mobile and heavily packed schedule.

5. Can I purchase this public speaking course for my employees or team members?

Absolutely! Sarah partners with Fortune 500 companies, corporate organisations and small to medium businesses to provide evidence-based communication and speaking solutions. If you’d like to sign up a team member or employee for a program get in touch with us.

6. What differentiates a CADENZA VIP Day from other Public Speaking Courses?


7. Is it possible to work on my public speaking skills in a 1-1 session? Don’t I need an audience to practice with?

Inspirational and impactful public speaking is the outcome of a systematic set of techniques, and while it may seem like public speaking training is only possible with an audience, consider this. The best athletes and performers all learn their techniques before they compete or perform for a crowd of spectators. The learning process for public speaking is best suited to 1-1 consultations so that you can efficiently drill and implement the speaking tools, visual delivery techniques and voice tone techniques. Don’t bypass the hard work needed to gain the finesse your audience is hoping for by skipping straight to the stage. That would be like jumping into the pool without knowing how to swim. The best performers train in private to deliver seamlessly in public.

8. How much time do I have to dedicate to this program to see results?

Like any skill-based training program, the more you put into it, the more new skills will stick and outcomes will rise. However, since this program has been engineered for time-stretched people, Sarah has built the training so that at the end of your VIP day you will already have results and be more than ready for giving enhanced presentations, media appearances and speeches . If you wish to keep building on the techniques and skills mastered on your VIP day, you will
have the chance to do so. Your purchase also includes amazing bonuses like the 4-week mentorship program that helps you implement with total accountability via our walkie-talkie style interface. You’ll also have access to a portfolio of Sarah’s prototype tools for later use if you wish to add more finesse.

9. I’ve been asked to present for the media, onstage at a conference or on the news on a very tight time frame, can I book this day ASAP and will it give me what I need to present eloquently in the public eye?

Absolutely! This is precisely why Sarah offers this service. Speaking and media opportunities come up out of the blue. There is no way that long-winded generalised public speaking courses can prepare you for an appearance that needs elite presentation skills when you’re on a tight deadline. This is why we offer this elite public speaking course and have structured it as a VIP day so you can get it done in a day.

10. I’m really interested in this program but have a few more questions. Can I get them answered?

You sure can, check this page to get in touch.

11. I’m more interested in media training than public speaking training, would this VIP day be a suitable option for me?

The bespoke nature of this VIP day means that Sarah can give attention to the core goals and skills you have so if you’d like to focus more on media training, this is totally possible.

12. I've seen lots of public speaking courses online, is this public speaking training in person?

Yes, this training is delivered in person with Sarah.

13. I'm terrified to get on stage, present or speak in public, will this public speaking course help me overcome performance anxiety?

Yes, this training includes tools. and techniques to assist you in overcoming performance barriers, performance anxiety and high-level pressure on stage, behind the lens or behind a microphone. You’ll gain the scientific and artistic tools Sarah uses on stage for seamless vocal and physical performance as an opera singer that will revolutionise how you interact with your audience and internal fears so that you can feel polished and prepared for any audience size. This training is the most practical way to address the flight and fight response most people face on stage.

If you’ve always wanted to charm, enthral and capture your listener with influential public speaking, presentations and media appearances, this is your opportunity to finally master new techniques and overcome past presenting setbacks.

Become a talented and charismatic speaker in a day so you can confidently conquer presentations on stage, in the boardroom, and behind the lens and present authentically and influentially.

Transform your presentations, public speaking and media appearances into confident, influential and charismatic moments in time that leave their mark and establish you as an industry leader.