Vocabulary Workshop

7 days from now you’ll be sounding more intelligent and interesting… with only 5 minutes of speaking practice per day.

vocabulary building course description

A science-informed vocabulary-building workshop that revolutionises your work words.

“It’s right on the tip of my tongue!
“What’s that word?”
“Um… just… the thing is… emmmm.”

Don’t you hate it when this happens?

An expansive vocabulary is a crucial tool for competent communicators.

But it’s not enough to know what a word means if you can’t retrieve it on the spot.

Speaking confidence plummets when we can’t access the precise words we need.

And the last thing you’ll want to hear is your voice stumbling and hesitating in a high-powered job interview, presentation or critical discussion. When this happens our nerves increase.

And listeners tune out.

Hello, I’m Sarah

Communication Performance Consultant for Executives + Emerging Leaders

After working for over a decade as an executive speaking consultant, I noticed that no one has a working system to achieve improved vocabulary outcomes. 

Perhaps you’ve tried to read more books. Or maybe you failed to commit to reading the dictionary daily… If you’re feeling stuck and limited by the feeling that fantastic words are out of your reach for everyday conversations- keep reading because there’s a better solution!

A strong speaking vocabulary isn’t determined by our academic qualifications.

I’ve worked with clients who didn’t finish high school and seen outcomes that would give a top CEO a run for their dictionary! 

Even I can vouch that multiple degrees, including academic studies in English Literature and Speech Pathology, didn’t help me access the words I needed to position myself as an industry leader.

After screening the professional speaking skills of over 500 clients, I can safely say that nearly 55% of the population use vague phrases such as “you know what I mean” instead of the right word. And roughly 70% hesitate, repeat themselves and regularly struggle with word precision.

Seeing the discouraging data about everyone’s vocabulary deficits inspired me to build an instant access course that’ll change how you use your words.


Master of Speech Pathology, Master of Music (Opera Performance), BMus (Perf), BA(Eng and Philosophy), PhD Candidate (Opera)

This is why I’ve created a process that connects the complex research around vocabulary growth with simple daily activities you can do, no matter how busy you are, to get concrete speaking results.

So stop reading the dictionary and worrying about committing to your New Year resolution to read five books monthly. Instead, learn how to work on your communication for only 5 minutes daily using a system that gets real results.

“Um,” and hesitations don’t cut it in my work as a corporate communication consultant and speech pathologist because credibility is lost when we communicate without precision.
Therefore, I got busy and took the research evidence about how the brain stores and retrieves words. Using this information I   built a digital system that helps you strengthen the neural pathway between word storage and retrieval. I’ve used this process in my speech pathology clinic for adults and executive consultations for over five years during face-to-face consultations.

With almost everyone addicted to excess work hours followed by Netflix and chill, I knew this system had to be effective and fast.

We don’t have time for wasted words when they can change our career potential.

Using more complex words will make your message more charismatic (Rosenberg, 2009).

Neutral and repetitive words reduce your message relevance (Fields, 2016).

Using a filler like “um” is not a problem every 100 words, but if you’re doing it every five words- that’s a big problem (Bell, 2011).

Longer, more complex words will make your message more persuasive (Nguyen, 2021).

Words like “sort of”, “just”, “kind of,” “the thing is”, “to be honest”, and even “I think” reduce your persuasive impact (Nguyen, 2021)- flex your vocabulary, and you’ll harvest increased influence.

You’ll increase your emotional agility if you can be more precise when describing emotions with your vocabulary (David, 2016).

Weak words reduce leadership impact (Schwartzberg, 2021).

If you’re mumbling and stumbling through conversations, presentations, or even emails, you need a structured system to build up your word retrieval skill. What’s more, the solution is to strengthen the neural pathway between word storage and retrieval.

Using this system, I myself save time hesitating over what words to use, which enables me to…

  • Speak unscripted in video resulting in clean takes that require little editing.
  • Appear on TV impromptu and trust that I had the words I needed
  • Deliver up to 20 hours of communication workshops and keynotes to teams, organisations and universities each month and have the words I need to keep people listening and engaged without scripts.
  • Increase my writing speed and complete my PhD Thesis draft in 2 months.
  • Use more unique words than 97% of Grammarly users.

Since I write roughly 2 million words a year and speak all day as a communication consultant, having a system that allows me to improve the tone and confidence of my message is priceless.

This system works for me and will work for you too.

I’ve used this process in my speech pathology clinic for adults and executive consultations for over five years during face-to-face consultations.

When you use this system, your speaking flow will start to increase, and you’ll wonder why you never set aside time to integrate new and powerful words into your life in this way before.

From finding the precise 20 words you need for team meetings to communicating succinctly in difficult emails, an agile vocabulary system saves you time and angst.

You can increase the quality of your message so that you finally sound like the industry experts you admire without reading one single book.

We all have incredible words stored deep in our memory, but that’s the problem, they’re stored deep. This system will bring the complex words you know up to the surface so you can finally incorporate them into your everyday speaking.

But I’m not the only one who’s had massive success with this system; my course students say they’ve improved their communication confidence by using my purpose-built systems that get tangible results in their professional lives.

vocabulary workshop
vocabulary workshop

Neal C.


Sara is a wonderful speech pathologist and she really cares about the progress of her students.

Jamie P. 

Violinist, Osteopath, Psychotherapist

I purchased Sara’s vocabulary building ‘wonderboard’ course and also had a one on one audit of my voice with her. The wonderboard has been such a simple but effective way to improve my speaking. I have already noticed I stutter less because I am confident using more words to express myself. The audit was enlightening in the sense that the exercises really highlight your weak points whilst being very entertaining at the same time! Sara has been so accommodating with any questions I had and has over-delivered in all the services she has offered. I’m really enjoying learning from Sara!



Aimed at adults as we learn in a different way than children; this is another key point in Sarah’s methodology. Finally, Sara gives you the tools to become an independent learner. Tasks that do not feel like homework as you are hearing yourself speaking as you would have never imagined.

Caroline R.

Organisational Psychologist

Impressed with the range of techniques… Sarah also couples research with practice, instils confidence with her multidisciplinary approach. Highly recommended!

Find the words you need by building your vocabulary to sound like an industry leader with just 5 minutes of speaking practice a day.


The Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard

Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard

Access a science-backed system to achieve vocabulary growth that strengthens the memory networks you need to retrieve and recall impactful words for speaking and writing.

$97 AU

Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard

Access to my on demand Vocabulary Workshop video training

Get step-by-step instructions for how to boost your vocabulary in the shortest amount of time so that you can see outcomes, no matter how busy you are.

Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard

The Vocabulary Wonderboard

This will guide you through the stages of word integration so that the best words come to mind at the right moments.

Build your vocabulary in context!

Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard

The Content Consumption Plan

A system for sourcing new words in a targetted way that assists you to source your new words in a targeted way that suits your interest and industry, without getting bogged down reading 100s of books per year!

Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard

Resources and Materials

Completing this course will help you expand your topic skills so that you plan out your word growth to get the words you need that make you sound closer to an industry expert.

Finally you’ll be able to execute a system that gives you the words you need to show up with the professional expertise you’re qualified for.

Let’s make it clear: This isn’t a Master of English Literature program or a time-heavy communication course.

The Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard training is a step-by-step action plan for boosting your vocabulary with the core focus on doing it fast without the overwhelm

The Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard training leverages the power of creating a routine speaking system that you can engage with daily without extra effort because most people don’t have time to read 500 books, wade through extensive industry-specific magazines and remember the great words they come across. Life is too busy, and the best way to boost your word access is to find your vocabulary pulse each day with a habit you can incorporate as easily as brushing your teeth.

And, best of all? In under an hour, you can have my entire vocabulary system up and running, ready to implement with only 5 minutes of effort each day.

The Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard training…

Allows you to inject expertise into your word choice so you’ll sound more intelligent when speaking and access better words to express your topics deeper.

Fast tracks your word memory abilities by bringing the best words to the top of your mind.

Successfully completing this course will activate your vocabulary in context, taking into account your personal information and speaking needs so that you get the words you need!

Have a functional system that you can pop in your back pocket, ready to plug and play your new words daily, so you speak better!

I’ve reduced the complex neurological process of learning, storing and retrieving unique words to the bare minimum so that you can get what you need to improve your speaking vocabulary FAST.

The Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard is currently $97. Now is the time.

CADENZA courses are engaging, stimulating and a first-class experience for your communication. All sales are final.

Grow your vocabulary faster than Jack’s Beanstalk – and have the word assets you need to be more convincing, concise and engaging.

Increase your ability to skillfully use the best words across the topics that matter at work.