Communicate with Clarity & Charisma and transform your career and leadership potential.

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Compelling communication is not a fluke. Getting the influence YOU can only dream of counts on you drilling down, planning, and refining your speaking confidence.

There are 5 skills you need to communicate confidently & expand your leadership potential.

It’s a fact- speaking confidence isn’t in your DNA. It’s a specific skill set. And if you can’t express yourself confidently, you’re losing communication capital. But with the proper training, you can speak up with clarity,  impact and elegance and experience increase your career success, build leadership impact, personal brand and get ahead.

What is The C-Suite?

Master of Speech Pathology, Master of Music (Opera Performance), BMus (Perf), BA(Eng and Philosophy), PhD Candidate (Opera)

The C-Suite is an engaging, easy-to-digest hands-on, and EFFECTIVE experience for your professional & personal communication.

This program is not about feeling alone or worse about your speaking.

It’s all about shifting your thinking, giving you strength-based training and the practical skills to help you think about your speaking with upbeat joy rather than crippling fear.

The C-Suite is your science-backed system to building communication skills that you’re proud of so that you can make the most of your time on earth by accomplishing more interpersonal depth and self-assurance when interacting professionally and personally.


Director at CADENZA & Communication Performance Consultant

It’s time to speak with more elegance, confidence & comfort.
Step One

Enrol in the C-Suite when doors open to start your science-backed elocution training.

Step Two
Undertake the guided elocution training complete with practice resources in your home.
Step Three
Use my progress trackers, power sheets, and playbook tools to implement your speaking skills into your daily life.
How does the C-Suite Work?
communication skills training

Get started by enrolling in the C-Suite waitlist.

The C-Suite is a comprehensive program that helps you implement robust communication tactics that create career growth, especially at the leadership level.

You’ll learn the 5 skills you need to communicate intelligently and elegantly that build up your interaction style to suit executive leadership roles.

The C-Suite comes complete with comprehensive power sheets and playbooks to help you implement your new skills. You’ll learn how to develop self-study skills for your communication growth implementation that is backed by emotional intelligence and neuroplasticity research.

All communication courses include video modules, technical strategy workbooks and practice materials based on research. The program is self-paced which puts the learning ownership on you to allow for deep learning strategies. The hefty resource supplements and engaging power workshops serve to guide your learning engagement comfort and, speaking growth.

  • Get science-backed training for your speaking
  • Have access to detailed training sessions online for your communication
  • Learn in your living room or office
  • Build the 5 skills you need to communicate elegantly & intelligently
  • Pivot your speaking for your career and personal life

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The C-Suite Even Work?

The C-Suite is a tailored online course that delivers a total fix for your professional speaking.

I’ve designed the program with a strong focus on action-based learning to ensure practical outcomes and noticeable gains in your everyday speaking. My emphasis is on training you to enhance your leadership potential through communication tactics grounded in research that enrich your rapport building skills, assertiveness and influence. 

The 5- core training modules emphasise growth for your workplace speaking, but you’ll also pick up as many instant-fix solutions to add to your low key social interactions. 

The training unfolds sequentially, moving through 30 engaging video lessons that cover comprehensive research-backed techniques to enhance your

  • Speaking Comfort
  • Logical Flow
  • Social Intelligence
  • Voice Tone
  • Tactical Charisma & Leadership Potential

All video lessons are supported by ingenious playbooks, templates, and power sheets that enable you to practice your new skills and implement them fast into your daily life. 

Will I get feedback on my speaking during the program?

The C-Suite is a complete online course, not a one to one coaching program, so there are no individual feedback sessions on your speaking. However, you will receive science-backed resources that allow you to skillfully appraise and evaluate your speaking like a communication scientist yourself.

The C-Suite has been built for the busy career professional with impromptu speaking demands. The outlined methods develop your ability to respond independently to pressing conflicts, stressful speaking scenarios, and unexpected conversational twists and turns. You don’t need to book a time for a consultation and divulge private matters with a consultant when you’re already juggling a hectic schedule. Instead, you’ll have the tools to be autonomous and agile with your professional speaking by yourself after completing the modules.

Is the C-Suite suitable for me if English is not my first language?

Absolutely. You can apply the principles across all languages. Many of my clients are multi-lingual professionals seeking to increase their executive presence and speaking comfort to better career advancement. The C-Suite will give you a platform to advocate for your right to a seat at the table.

How much time will it take to complete the entire course?

Although you have one year of access to the C-Suite, you can consume it at the pace that suits you.

For example,
If you allocate an hour a day to the content, you should be able to get through all modules, power sheets and playbooks within six weeks max.

Implementation is best considered over a longer duration, so although you can manage to complete all modules within a tight time frame, I recommend engaging with the resources, templates and playbooks all year to ensure potent speaking growth occurs. I’ve built the program to train you in effective communication principles but, more importantly, to equip you with the tools you need to implement long term changes in your speaking skills and habits.

How much time do I have to dedicate to this program to see results?

The unique action-based learning focus of the C-Suite means you’ll have tangible and active skills to implement quickly.

But, like all learning, long term gains are best achieved through detailed immersion, practice and refinement of your new skills.

The C-Suite guides you by the hand and sets up a new approach to evaluating your speaking. Once you’ve completed all the modules, you’ll have a detailed and systematic framework that you can use for life to continue refining your professional speaking and take it to new levels.

Of course, the scope of your results depends on how far you want to take it! If your sights are on a CEO or executive role, this program will give you the tools to prepare your communication for long term large growth goals.

What Makes The C-Suite Different From Other Courses?

3 unique reasons.

First, you’re going to internalise a system for communication improvement that you can apply to all contexts and environments. The suite trains you so deeply that not only will you improve your speaking style, but you also gain a strong understanding of the process of communication so that you can independently evaluate and tweak your performance for the rest of your life.

Unlike other programs that focus on a niche skill, my niche is training you to think like a communication scientist so that you can always have the tools you need so that when unexpected conversations or a speaking hiatus occurs, you can get yourself through it with commando-style tactics. Communication science is detailed, and people devote their entire academic careers to it.

The C-Suite compresses the most important up to date info that you need to know to leverage communication to your advantage and packages it into “easy to digest, hands-on, exquisitely prepared learning material.” The C-suite provides the backbone you need to drive your knowledge and speaking behaviours forward.

Second, the C-Suite provides a bridge between the artistic and scientific communication process. A lot of what you say is shaped by the human expressive element. The artistic side of speaking influences your listener’s emotions and mood. As an opera performer and literature graduate, I’ll train you in how to apply the right expressive approach that boosts charisma and inspires your conversation partners to engage and give you a chance to have the influence you desire.

But not only that, my expertise as a clinical communication scientist (aka speech pathologist) and researcher allows me to train you in the mechanics and practical aspects of communication like voice tone (based on principles of physics), speech rhythm (based on metric rhythms), and strategic frameworks that map communication in a mathematical, logical way.

Third, there’s only one Sarah Lobegeiger de Rodriguez. Clients who’ve worked with me can vouch that you’re in for “fun, informative and practical sessions” delivered by an “upbeat, passionate and incisive expert-” (their words, not ours).

Do you have a Refund Policy for the C-Suite?

The C-Suite is an engaging, stimulating, and first-class experience for your communication. This course is my magnum opus- the product of over two decades of experience as a speech pathologist, elite opera singer and communication consultant, plus months of in-depth R&D entails the need for careful protection of my prototyped methods and industry secrets. For this reason, no refunds are available on purchase.

Who exactly is this program for?

The C-Suite was custom-built for detail orientated communicators who want to amplify the potential of their communication with a sharp focus on mastering the speaking skills to increase career growth opportunities.

The bulk of the content draws on robust research into executive communication, leadership presence, organisational influence and corporate communication.

Although designed with executives and emerging leaders in mind, the techniques are transferable for anyone who wants to increase their impact, influence and speaking comfort.

How Long Will I Have Access To The C-Suite?

With 30 video lessons spread across five modules and extensive resources, you’ll want to dedicate time to go through the content and follow up with ongoing practice and review of your goals. This is why you’ll receive 365-days of access to all the content to pace yourself and feel calm about implementing long term, sustainable changes with your speaking.

But I'm Not A Confident Communicator...

This program starts with a complete module dedicated to speaking comfort. I’ve designed the C-Suite to be suitable for introverts and extraverts alike. Recent research in Communication Science proves that you can increase your charisma, leadership potential and speaking comfort, no matter your personality.

The C-Suite gives you the tools to improve your speaking confidence and interaction comfort, taking a strength-based model that will affirm and empower you while still dedicating attention to addressing areas of speaking discomfort and weakness to improve your risk areas. I’ve designed the resources to allow you to personalise your speaking goals incrementally to build and grade the steps it takes to address and implement progress around your greatest speaking fears. 

Does C-Suite suit confident speakers?

No matter your personality style and current speaking skills, the C-Suite is unique in how it integrates a framework for you to appraise, regulate and scale your speaking strengths. Communication is an umbrella term for a massive set of skills.

Since daily speaking is spontaneous, we can never fully anticipate risk. The further you progress in an organisation.
(ie., moving into managerial positions) the greater the risk. The skill to be precise with niche communication will amplify your influence and reduce your stress. Increasing your speaking logic and social intelligence will allow you to respond to interactions with increased finesse and cognitive clarity, especially when faced with a heavy workload, increased responsibility and leadership duties.

Numerous lessons are dedicated to refining your communication for team-based discussions, change management, and tactical empathy, giving you incredible leadership traction.

Can my employer pay for my C-Suite access

The C-Suite has been designed with both individuals and companies in mind. This makes the program an ideal investment for any organisation that wishes to invest in a research-based speaking training program for a staff member.

Can I purchase the C-Suite for my employee/s?

The C-Suite has been designed to strengthen communication skills within teams and organisations. This makes the program an ideal investment for any organisation that wishes to invest in an evidence-based speaking training program for a staff member.

If you would like to purchase a program for one employee,

please email our support team upon purchase, and we can assist with giving your staff member access to the program directly.

If you would like to purchase the program for more than one employee,

get in touch with us at

When does enrolment open for the C-Suite?

C-Suite opens at intermittent moments throughout the year so make sure you’re on the waitlist to be informed as soon as our next intake begins.
What People Are Saying…
executive communication training
executive communication training
executive communication
executive communication

My experience with Sarah was excellent. Her personable and highly professional approach helped shift my thinking in relation to my voice.

I found her responses and advice to be informative and credible and I felt confident in the explanations and advice she gave me knowing they were evidence-based.

I also found Sarah’s approach very holistic rather than isolating the voice as the problem but instead thinking of the voice in relation to other aspects of me.

DR. JULIE B., Researcher, Lecturer, and Academic

Sarah is brilliant! She comes to every session with so much enthusiasm and insight, I love all of our sessions. Sarah makes me feel empowered to keep improving and recognise my strengths too. It has been such a positive experience so far and I can’t wait for more sessions!

ANNEKE R., Disability Liason Officer
I successfully changed my career and landed a dream job at the most prestigious company in the field. Whilst a lot of work went into that, the program certainly helped and it entirely changed what I knew, and how I thought, about using one’s voice.
SAMUEL H., Management Consultant

Our Guarantee to You

our guarantee

We provide a top-tier service, if you are dissatisfied with anything we’ll work to make it right because we are committed to advocating for your communication comfort.

CADENZA services are an engaging, stimulating, and first-class experience for your communication. Since extensive planning and detail go into tailoring sessions and digital services for you, we do not extend any refunds on any of our services.