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How Elocution Lessons Unlock the Next Level in Speaking Confidence at Work

Discover the benefits of elocution lessons for your career and professional development, especially if you’re interested in leadership roles.

elocution lessons

When it comes to professional speaking success, most want to feel confident in themselves and what they say, especially at work.

And there’s nothing like hesitations, mumbling, a wavery voice or even problems ordering our thoughts to sabotage our confidence.

Unfortunately, there’s no Heimlich manoeuvre when we choke up and muddle through the following sentence. At that point, your ability to recover poise comes down to more of the internal self-regulation work you did before the moment.

Old-fashioned elocution methods, as seen in films like Pygmalion, My Fair Lady and even The King’s Speech, suggest that enunciating in the room with a speech expert is the cure for all speaking pressure points.

But what does the research say?

Does elocution have a place these days?

Or is it an archaic approach that should stay in our favourite old movies as a distant, irrelevant method?

Well, it depends!

If you search for “elocution lessons near me” or even “elocution lessons in Melbourne or Sydney”, you’ll find various business owners working in this space with vastly different expertise.

This article will give you an overview of your options regarding elocution lessons and provide some background so that you can make an informed decision and invest your time and funds appropriately to get the best outcomes!

Our article is best digested in 3 parts:

  1. Check the tips summarised below.
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  3. Suppose you’d like to commence elocution lessons at CADENZA. In that case, there are two ways to work with us: 1-1 Executive Communication Consultations for CEOs and top-tier executives and The C-suite, an online comprehensive career communication course for emerging leaders. Both pathways commence with the high-performance communication audit, assessing your professional communication using modern elocution methods. Learn more here.

What is Elocution?

Elocution: the skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation. "lessons in singing and elocution."


You can still find antiquated elocution trainers who’ll tell you to stick marbles in your mouth, speak with a cork between your teeth, or give you “mechanical” tongue exercises and tongue twisters for clarity (they don’t work, don’t waste your time).

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And then there is a new world of modern elocution research at the forefront of corporate communication research papers, which CADENZA stays current with. Modern elocution training methods should also link research directly to industry practice and can be hard to find. If you’re looking for a communication consultant to provide you with elocution lessons, ask about their academic qualifications and experience in the field and gauge whether they are a quack or an academic, ethically-minded expert who stays up to date.

At this point, it’s probably a good idea to mention accent reduction – before you think about whether that’s viable, make sure you read this position statement on racism and then check what Voice Science has to offer. Pronunciation clarification work of this nature differs significantly from an elocution course. Consider accent clarification only if speaking intelligibility is low due to English pronunciation difficulties.

If you want to speak adroitly, go for modern elocution lessons.

Keep reading to learn more about what to look for so you can narrow down the best option for your financial and time investment.

Optimise your Voice Tone, Boost Your Delivery & Express Yourself Better.

We’ve provided speaking assessment and modern elocution training to people from all sorts of professions at different stages in their career path from middle management through to company directors.

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How are elocution lessons usually delivered?

If you’re searching for elocution lessons, you’ll find a mix of options: online self-paced programs, face-to-face and online consultations, and even speaking intensives like boot camps.

1-1 sessions (in person or online)

Traditional old-school elocution lessons tend to involve you meeting with your trainer, usually for a 45-minute – hour in session.

Elocution lessons usually run during business hours, so this approach can be challenging for busy career professionals to commit to and gain momentum.

Most career professionals would need up to 30 sessions to get solid outcomes that position speaking at an elite level, as a large body of techniques and strategies would need to be addressed before you start seeing change.

Like any industry, you can find speaking consultants who are highly qualified to practice in this space with advanced post-graduate qualifications in speech science and even performance or self-proclaimed experts with no formal training to their name offering opinion-based approaches that don’t necessarily stack up. However, working with an elite-speaking consultant with credentials and qualifications can be expensive. Therefore, this is usually the premium method, best suited for individuals with the budget and availability to attend diligently and who want to learn proven rigorous approaches.

Online self-paced programs

Take advantage of this option! If you’re looking for training with a highly qualified expert, accessing the best in the business will undoubtedly come at a premium price. However, this is where online self-paced programs can make the learning material very accessible for your financials and schedule. The other benefit is that you can integrate your goal to sound confident daily, rather than having to schlepp out of the home to see your elocution tutors.

What kind of elocution program is worth your investment?

Outcomes from your elocution classes will be determined from more than just the delivery method.

Speech and communication skills training don’t need to be 1-1 to achieve the most effective outcomes.

What will predict a good outcome for your speaking skills if you sign up for elocution lessons?

Don’t get distracted by the mode of delivery alone. Choosing elocution lessons that work goes beyond face-to-face sessions or 1-1. Instead, it’s best to be attentive to the outcomes you need that will result in changed professional communication and select the program based on how it addresses these outcomes.
Here’s a summary of the top factors that can make elocution lessons worth your pocket and time.

The quality of the instructor

Does the consultant have a finger on the most efficient methods to train speaking change, endorsed by research, not some fluffy opinion?

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Elocution trainers can range from unqualified to expert and everything in between. Choose carefully! Applying incorrect advice for your career communication is risky for your professional reputation at work.

The quality of the instruction

Is the curriculum thorough and based on research into career communication so that recommendations pass the litmus test and are likely to get profound changes for you? Do the course materials train communication techniques and give you methods to transfer your new skills into your daily life?

The duration

Gaining advanced speaking skills will take time to happen. Longitudinal focus is more likely to deliver the career-changing outcomes you’re going for. While you could attend 30 face-to-face sessions to get the optimal changes you’re anticipating, it will be costly, so a solid and thorough online program can be the most cost-effective approach to consider.

How holistic is the program?

Learning Elite speaking skills is behavioural, mechanical, and intellectual. It can be challenging for a consultant to provide all the background detail and self-regulation training you need to speak with poise and polish, especially since communication can be wildly unpredictable. Therefore, it’s better to learn the theory and application of communication science to build your analysis skills of the best interaction approach.

Here, you want to train your brain to predict ▶️ analyse ▶️ trial ▶️evaluate ▶️adapt with the same methodology as a communication scientist.

elocution lessons

Does the program develop independence, accountability and self-reliance as a communicator?

Just like your general practitioner can’t be by your side every meal giving you recommendations about what to eat next and motivating you each day to go for a jog for your heart health, nor can your executive speaking consultant. Good health outcomes come from developing independent motivation, accountability and self-reliance to commit to health change, and the same can be said for speaking skills.


Since speaking is interactive, it’s easy to assume that you can only improve it if you’re sitting with a consultant at hand telling you what to say, but you’d be better off seeing communication skills growth as a learning area that is more like a university study program than a 45-minute pep talk weekly.


Physical therapy is training for your muscles, and speech-based therapy and elocution lessons are training for your brain, so naturally communication skills training tends to require a study-based approach to get outcomes.


Here we find the advantage of online courses because they provide the space and time to swat up new techniques and skills. If the curriculum is well-built, an online course can show you how to simulate speaking exercises by yourself and guide your daily practice drills.

Regular practice is integral to mastery.

It’s your application and dedication to the new speaking techniques, which is the most potent outcome indicator.

Unfortunately, 1-1 consultations don’t tend to build best practice methods because clients see the elocution trainer as the predictor of their outcomes.

Communication agility involves knowing the best way to respond aptly without consulting another person’s opinion on how you should behave. Therefore, a thorough and effective elocution program should show you how to use your voice and words and build your analytical skills.
If you want to improve your communication, an elocution program will help you understand the social dynamic and determine the best rule of play to benefit the relationship and your professional reputation.

What’s the best method for elocution lessons if you’re an emerging leader?

For over a decade, I’ve delivered 1-1 consultations for CEOs, top-tier executives, and new leaders. However, as the executive workload expanded and my skills reached expert level, I started getting additional requests from career professionals who still needed to line up their ducks to win a leadership position at a rate that I could not fit into my schedule.

So, I started asking myself

How could I train emerging leaders with the vital communication skills they need to reposition their impression management at work while making my premium services and expert skills accessible financially?

The 1-1 consultation sessions are the tip of the iceberg we needed to clear to allow smooth passage and optimal speaking at work for an emerging leader. This model is better suited to seasoned leaders with already established foundations.

So I started reading the research around better methods to train speaking skills and realised that while 1-1 sessions have their place, more is needed to cut it beyond basic communication triage, especially at the early stages of communication growth. Small tricks work wonders, but how could I cover all the things my emerging leaders needed more effectively, especially with the increase in interpersonal pressure and speaking malaise I noticed unravelling due to recent world events that drastically changed how we work?

To build the true elite communication success I knew was possible for a client, I calculated that we’d need roughly 30 sessions to cover the necessary curriculum. That translates to $18,000 per client at my executive consulting rate commensurate with my skill, experience, qualifications and in-demand schedule. However, it wasn’t accessible for a mid-career professional and didn’t solve the other barrier I noticed to achieving maximal goals from a consulting model for speech improvement.

elocution lessons

You can only go so far with a 1-1 consultation model if you’re a new leader. For clients to get the tools they needed to show up at work with the confidence for challenging, intimidating and career-defining conversations, they needed access to an integrated learning system that trains the proven elements for personal impression management, and there has to be a more cost-effective and reasonable way to do this.

Clients were arriving to sessions with an incredibly complex range of conversations that were causing not only increased discomfort but also professional risks. Knowing how rapidly our status at work can shift if we don’t have the tools to set boundaries with micro-aggressions, unrealistic expectations or impossible workloads, I was meeting clients who constantly said:

“I wish I could have had a session before I had that difficult conversation.”

Speaking well and leading well at work is not the outcome of what you do in that definite moment. Instead, they result from thought-based internal self-regulation systems that you implement to prepare you for every situation, conversation and human interaction you need to excel with.

I saw the system right before my eyes, so in June 2021, I shut my calendar after completing everyone’s elocution programs. I then buried myself in my office to complete my PhD thesis in 2 months to finally get into my passion project to create an integrated, science-based modern elocution program, and the C-Suite project began.

I dedicated hours of reading to current speech science and career communication research, almost crashing my already monolithic Endnote. This exciting and life-changing program will provide you with the Swiss army knife your difficult professional conversations need.

⚠️ Does Your Career Communication need Work?

Like all professional skills, high-performance communication can be learnt, especially when it comes to leadership communication.

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