Elite Communication Skills Training for Teams

Arrange professional development training for your employees to build your most powerful business asset- effective communication skills.

Staff that speak well under pressure solve problems better under pressure. We can help you boost your employees’ speaking skills, professional polish, soft skills intelligence and presenting confidence through science-backed communication sessions.

Cadenza is a communication consultancy that trains elite communication so that high-performing teams, leaders and organisations can gain a competitive advantage and enhance their operational efficiency, influence and engagement.

We train your team in valuable speaking strategies that are efficient to access, powerful to understand and practical to implement.

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Elite Communication Skills Training for Teams

Communication skills training

We take the guesswork out of how to get the best communication from your team.

We help you boost your employees’ speaking skills, professional polish and presenting confidence by delivering science-backed communication solutions.

Everyone experiences speaking stress in specific environments but with the right training, they can speak up with clarity and impact.

Staff that speak well under pressure solve problems better under pressure. We help you boost your employees’ speaking skills, professional polish, soft skills intelligence and presenting confidence through science-backed communication sessions.

When you invest in your team’s communication capital, you’ll tighten team engagement, cohesion, productivity and competitive advantage.

Communication skills training

Eloquent Message Delivery

Speaker training that enhances executive presence, charisma & influence using communication science principles.

Voice Tone Clarity

Voice tone alters “social impressions of speakers.” Your listeners evaluate your interpersonal relevance based on how you sound (Caballero, 2021). My clinical background as a voice therapist and opera singer allows me to build confident & credible voices fast.

Logical Message Precision

Precise & concise speaking is the most important predictor of leadership success (de Vries et al., 2010). Our language boosting tools and training to get your team speaking decisively so they sound like the experts they are.

Emotionally Intelligent Conversations

Most leaders think they are more effective than they actually are. Internal self-regulation, and tactical social intelligence learning should always happen (Michalsky, 2019), especially in a team. Our emotional intelligence tools enhance conversations, collaboration and connection at work.

Speaking Confidence Under Pressure

The pace of your speech (the speed and clarity) will directly correlate to how competent and persuasive people find you (Seno, 2013). Speaking flow strategies will help your team member reduce hesitations, fillers and speaking stress in the heat of the moment.

Charismatic Delivery

Charismatic communicators garner influence, venture capital, trust and credibility and outdo others in gaining and retaining management positions (Davis et al. 2017). There are 16 proven charisma tactics that can be trained and will enable magnetic delivery of a message, idea and vision. We use the latest research backed methods in tactical charisma to help you secure attention and an advantage in the economy of ideas.

Communication is untapped capital that adds value to your organisation.

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Elite Communication Skills Training for Teams

We help your team members feel empowered to be the best speakers and interactors they can be through….


The High-Performance Communication Audit

Detailed diagnostic assessment of your team member’s professional interaction and speaking skills.

This involves a full audit of professional communication followed by a 30-minute Strategic Consultation to outline speaking goals for strategy sessions. Includes handover with team leader/ employer if required.

Communication skills training

High-Performance Communication Consulting

Individualised and tailored communication consultations delivered in person to your team member at CADENZA, Melbourne. Online also available.

These communication strategy sessions are designed for individuals who are concerned about one or more aspects of their communication presentation: delivery, manner, voice projection and quality, speech precision, vocabulary, expressive language delivery or social communication skills such as the ability to be diplomatic, persuasive or assertive or the wish to elevate public speaking, keynote speaking or managerial communication. Ideal for ambitious career professionals who want to speak with more impact, competence and influence at work.

communication skills training

Communication Workshops for Teams & Companies

Do you have specific communication skills and activities that your team need to build? Our custom strategy workshops are the best fit if you want tactical industry-specific material tailored to your team and their KPI’s.

The C-Suite – a Swiss Army Knife for Career Communication

Self-paced online communication course solution designed with emerging leaders in mind.

The C-Suite is an engaging, easy-to-digest hands-on, and EFFECTIVE experience for your communication. This program is comprehensive and even though we place learning ownership on you to allow for deep learning strategies and will allow you to implement ongoing goals with 1 year of access, you still have access to me for support and ideas via our email and the C-suite concierge.

C-Suite, 30 on-demand video lessons spread across 5 modules with comprehensive playbooks and over 20 power sheets that build the fine details for elite public speaking, difficult interactions, personal branding & more! Ideal for middle managers and ambitious junior staff.

public speaking courses

Public Speaking VIP Day for CEOs, Executives & Founders

Attend a Vocally Influential Professional Day for CEOs, Executives & Founders at CADENZA

International This richly-packed public speaking course allows you to get it done in a day, in person, so that you can be ready at the last minute or at the best moment right away to give the presentation of your life. Rather like public speaking triage, with high-level expert crisis care geared to CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders, so that you can walk away buoyant and upskilled in one day, ready for any high-level presentation, media appearance or curveball opportunity that will propel you forward as an industry leader. Ideal for time-strapped CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs.

Our Services

Gain effective, high-performing communication results for your team with CADENZA services

Personalised Solutions

All sessions are tailored to the person, role & brand so that communication goals are relevant, impactful and outcome driven.

Speech Science Informed

Accountable, research-informed practice guides every tool, strategy and recommendation. Effective communication training should not be based on someone telling you what they think and feel. We have enough speech science research out there to be more accountable than that.

Elite Voice Training

Your voice is your second face. Our director’s expertise as a professional opera singer, clinical voice therapist and speech pathologist will get your team sounding eloquent, polished & charismatic, fast.

Collaborative & Conversational

Building up the speaking confidence and comfort of your team members so that they can have more impact is not an accidental coup but the outcome of insightful connections and resonance with your chosen training communication organisation. At CADENZA we pride ourselves in agile and elastic methods that encourage connection and input from team leaders and supervisors in the most efficient way to drive results so that your investment gets proven returns.

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