Speak with impact & confidence at work

Learn to speak with influence to anyone in high-pressure situations, no matter your personality style or leadership style.

Are you tired of…
Stumbling over words when nervous and losing eloquence?
Failing to be precise and concise when answering unexpected questions?
Stagefright when presenting in board meetings and stand-ups?
Losing impact and missing out on promotions because your speaking skills are holding you back professionally.
Trying to fit in with everyone because you can’t be assertive and set boundaries without sounding angry, threatening or pushy?
Presenting topics with a monotonous and boring voice tone instead of being charismatic and engaging?
If you feel any or all of these things, it’s not your fault. It’s human.
Speaking confidently is nothing about your personality. It’s everything about making sure nothing is missing in your tool kit.

It’s a three-second world.

Your words need to be ready.

But you can only learn to speak confidently with anyone anywhere, if you have the tools to transform your speaking logic & habits.

It’s no surprise that millions of people get stuck professionally and personally due to their untrained speaking skills.

Staying where you are and doing the same things won’t create a different outcome if you can’t speak comfortably at work and lack influence in your organisation.

Hello, I’m


Communication Performance Consultant for Executives + Emerging Leaders
Dedicated to advocating for your right to speak up comfortably.

Confident and Charismatic communication increases professional well-being, builds your earning potential and maximises career growth opportunities.

Studies prove that charismatic communicators garner influence, venture capital, trust, and credibility faster and outdo others in gaining and retaining management positions (Davis et al. 2017).  

When led by charismatic leaders, teams also thrive in terms of productivity, work quality, job satisfaction, and morale (Michalsky, 2019).   

Charismatic communication is a career catalyst.

I know this because investing in my communication skills helped me to bootstrap a global communication company as a young entrepreneur, which gave me a chance to:

Train 200 public service announcers in a large transport company resulting in profound data-backed improvements to their service delivery, influence on passenger behaviour and network punctuality.
Work with 50 different cultural and linguistic backgrounds to break barriers to their career entry / growth through strategic speaking strategies.
Manage and mentor a team of communication clinicians to achieve life changing outcomes with 1000’s of adult client with complex social communication, voice and language conditions.
Bootstrap a global communication company on my own as a young entrepreneur that has served 1000’s of people to improve their speaking skills, message logic, voice tone, pronunciation and communication presence without taking a loan.

Master of Speech Pathology, Master of Music (Opera Performance), BMus (Perf), BA(Eng and Philosophy), PhD Candidate (Opera)

As you can see…
I’m not a genius. Although extroverted, I struggled to speak assertively without sounding aggressive or, worse, passive-aggressive. So I started to read communication science research to develop tools that worked for me, worked for others and they can work for you too.
Take, for example, Sophie.
Take, for example, Sophie. She felt demoralised with feedback from her boss that she lacked executive presence but couldn’t work out what her speaking needed to open doors. Sophie worked with me and hasn’t looked back since. 

 She discovered how to be concise, refined her voice tone and assertive skills. As a result, Sophie achieved a fantastic outcome with increased clarity and confidence. She even spoke successfully in a Bloomberg interview a few months back and has just been promoted to Chief Finance Officer. Now Sophie is getting paid what she deserves and no longer missing out on promotions. If Sophie could get the result she dreamed of while working a full-time job with massive hours and studying her MBA simultaneously, you can too.

Imagine if you could say…
I use the plug & play templates to keep my messages tight and impactful. The executives must have noticed because I just got a promotion.
This communication training was a transformative experience. I can now be assertive without sounding aggressive, and people take me seriously.
After using the Captivating Stories Playbook, I’m finally getting incredible feedback on my work presentations. I can now speak with power and presence while 100% engaging my audience.
The voice tone module was exactly what I needed. I can now walk into a room of senior stakeholders without a shaky voice. I’ve gained a potent edge that has lifted my business persona and career.
The charisma tactics work. I’m getting better buy-in from clients, my team and even my boss because I’ve stopped stumbling over words. I sound more competent and persuasive, which led to me finally asking for a pay raise at my firm, which they didn’t even question.
I’ve tried many different speaking courses and programs. Still, no one has even mentioned the research-based tactics we can use and outlined them so clearly. I’ve discovered so many dimensions of communication that I’d never even considered before. Now I can leverage my approach to get the best impact when interacting, no matter whom I’m talking to. 
What People Are Saying…
executive communication
executive communication

DR. JULIE B., Researcher, Lecturer, and Academic


My experience with Sara was excellent. Her personable and highly professional approach helped shift my thinking in relation to my voice. I found her responses and advice informative and credible, and I felt confident in the explanations and advice she gave me, knowing they were evidence-based.

I also found Sara’s approach very holistic rather than isolating the voice as the problem but instead thinking of the voice in relation to other aspects of me.

FRANCY M., Health Promotion Officer

If you want to invest in yourself to improve many things of your communication style, this is the place to seek guidance from; you won’t regret it!

Keep in mind that you have to commit to practice on a daily though, but that’s what it is about, practice, practice, practice!

Also, Sara was fantastic all the way through. You can apply what you learn on a professional as well as on a personal level.

JOYCE C., Educator and International Student

Very happy with the service.

1. Wonderful research-based resources

2. A strength-based approach that makes you feel more empowered.,

3. Heaps of strategies and frameworks that you can apply right away.,

4. Sara is amazing and down-to-earth.

ALEX C., Entrepreneur

The value of this training was tremendous for my personal and professional life, plus it’s tailored to your needs. I am in the business of talking a lot and connecting with people to create a positive impact on the listener. The training with Sara helped me to do this.

CAROLINE R., Organisational Psychologist and University Lecturer
I really enjoyed the elocution sessions with Sara. I was impressed with the range of techniques that were shared, and I found them very helpful. Sara also couples research with practice, instills confidence with her multidisciplinary approach. Highly recommended!
MAYA C., Entrepreneur and Accountant

I found the elocution training to be so straightforward but very effective.

I improved my communication skills drastically.

PARTH P., Technology and Data Lead

A great addition to your toolkit if you are in a corporate or professional career. It has helped me a lot in communicating effectively. Highly recommended for professionals needing to work on the soft skills and presentation skills for better business and corporate careers.

ANNEKE R., Disability Liason Officer
Sarh is brilliant! She comes to every session with so much enthusiasm and insight; Sara makes me feel empowered to keep improving and recognise my strengths too.
PARIS E., Lawyer and University Lecturer

I’ve worked with Sara for years and continue to do so yearly for my high-level career.

Her great expertise, passion, and thoroughness have tremendously supported me in university lecturing, international/national conference presentations, and most recently, addressing prestigious international bodies on the world stage.

My voice has gone from strength to strength. I would not hesitate to recommend her highly enough for your voice to reach its potential in performance and in life.

SAM H., Management Consultant

After my program with Sara, I successfully changed my career and landed a dream job at the most prestigious company in the field.

Having an upbeat and incisive expert to analyse and advise on my completely personalised concerns was amazing.

Having enabled a life-changing career on top of that, it becomes invaluable! I will say, though, that of course, you will need to put in the work like anything else and regularly practice the exercises to instill the change in speaking behaviours you are after.

Ultimately, what Sara provided me was such a niche and highly valuable service, and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone looking for that subtle yet powerful edge to lift their business persona and career.

So what does it take?
There are 5 skills that you need to communicate elegantly and intelligently with anyone and everyone, no matter your personality.
The result is an action-based system that is fail-proof and flexible enough to let you succeed in any situation.

You’ll have a system to evaluate your speaking to be ready for anything. I’ve developed it this way because life is unpredictable, and not everyone can book in a 1-1 communication strategy session before being thrown in the hot seat at work or personally. You want to have tools for the moment that will help you prepare the best response.

The key to speaking well in any conversation or presentation is having a flexible, fail-proof strategy. 

I’ll teach you strategies that are easy to remember, even when you’re under stress.

Hear yourself speak as you’ve never imagined.

Yes, you can hone your speaking so that your message is razor-sharp, concise and engaging – without feeling anxious, apprehensive and overwhelmed.

Use my proprietary and science-based tools to amplify your professional potential, speaking confidence and charisma FAST.

One-Time Payment

(Best value)

Get access to the C-Suite Program with a one-time payment of $3500 AU.

The Payment Plan
(Flexible option)

Check our payment plan option for more flexibility.

The C-suite is a rich portfolio of science-backed lessons, video tutorials and plug and play templates that reduce speaking pressure & change your career communication for the better, fast!

Here’s What You’ll Get In The C-Suite

Comprehensive Training Experience

I’ll go step-by-step and train you in how to enhance your speaking comfort, professional relationship building, workplace conversations and charisma so that you increase your interaction opportunities. I’ll show you how to actively plug and play elite leadership communication that draws attention to your expertise and value offer to rapidly improve your career profile.

Valued at $12,650

1 Year Membership that gives Focus & Accountability

The CADENZA team will be on hand to help you focus, stay on task and take give support for the tools you need to amplify your leadership communication, solve difficult conversations and build up your opportunities.

You’ll get a 1 year membership to our engaging interface so your communication growth is guided & implemented.

Valued at – priceless!

30 key video trainings for your speaking

My action-based training guides you clearly through new speaking skills. Choose how you consume the lessons. you have the option to engage via listening to the audio lesson, watching the videos or reading the transcripts- whichever works for your busy life.

Valued at $6,200

My Speaking Playbooks

Score my tried and tested playbooks including The Assertive Matrix 2.0©, The Diplomacy Bid Playbook©, The Persuasive Model Playbook© and more that do the heavy lifting for your most complex conversations. Get 20+ playbooks, the exact same playbooks that I use as a company director and in executive communication training with CEOs.

Valued at $2,400

Access my proprietary Power Sheets

Get 30+ power sheets that are jam-packed with prompts and templates to power up your speaking skills with a practical focus on career communication and leadership presence.

Valued at $1,300

Plus a bonus package worth over $2,500

Bonus #1

Guided Voice Tone Trainings

Learn how to warm up your voice daily and improve your charismatic vocal presence from a registered voice therapist and opera singer so that you can increase your vocal clarity and consistency and sound better with my 6 video lessons dedicated to optimising your voice at work and for public speaking.

Valued at $1,500, yours for free!

Bonus #2

Sophisticated Vocabulary Workshop

Seeking a compelling and irresistible delivery style that sets you apart with the language skills that match your favourite industry leaders?

Discover how to create a high-value receive a comprehensive masterclass in addition to the C-Suite, which normally retails at $97 that grows your vocabulary faster than Jack’s Beanstalk!

I will train you in my science-backed system that achieves vocabulary growth that strengthens the memory networks you need to retrieve and recall impactful words for speaking and writing.

Valued at $200, yours for free!

Bonus #3

Captivating Story Catalogue

Get the exact fillable workbook template that I use to store and strategise stories that enhance your career based interactions. Science-backed and research based-  this gets you telling impactful stories fast! Great for job interviews!

Valued at $300, yours for free!

Bonus #4

The Speaking Comfort Pack for Complex Conversations

Track your daily speaking comfort to discover strategy areas so you can increase you confidence and skill with the Speaking Comfort Journal. A science-backed resource that helps you decompress and refresh at the end of a tough day speaking!

Plan your manouvres to protect your interests and prevent risks with difficult conversations, conflicts or conversation partners using my prototype Complex Conversation Scenario Priming Grids. This plug and tool system will save you many sleepless nights worrying about challenging conversations and high stakes. Build out important conversations and optimise  empathy, rapport, assertiveness and persuasion bids fast, to protect and enhance relationships. This is the best approach to prepare yourself and protect yourself in risky interactions

Valued at $499 yours for free!

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to…
Set The Right Goals for your Speaking
You’ll know exactly what it is that your speaking needs to cinch impact and career catalysing influence.

The program nourishes your speaking growth into manageable increments.

Get ready to fill professional boots bigger than you ever dreamed of via transforming your speaking success.

Polish Your Charisma & Executive Presence
Eliminate boring speeches, monotonous tangents, and hesitant word-finding heart attack moments while communicating.

Instead, you’ll implement the 16 Proven Tactics for Charisma that research has confirmed time and again so that you can engage your listener – on command.

Aiming for a promotion? Build your leadership potential by showcasing your skills with expert communication skills that get more buy-in.

Double Your Participation
Finally, get your message out cleanly and elegantly in moments that terrify you… and still, maintain rapport and your credibility.

Want to start public speaking? I’ve got you covered. Are you applying for your dream job? You’ll feel optimistic and excited about your interview.

Struggling to chat with people with whom you have nothing in common? You’ll never run out of ideas to get the conversation flowing.

You’ll also develop your soft skills and emotional intelligence in a way that enhances your professionalism and career connections.

Hear Yourself Speak As You’ve Never Imagined
Stop rushes of speech, breakdowns in logical flow and croaky, reluctant voice tone and replace it with elegant and eloquent statements that make your conversation partners not only pay attention to what you have to say but find your message convincing and valuable. Learn the concrete- science backed behaviours you need to sound confident, persuasive and comfortable when speaking.
The C-Suite is an engaging, easy-to-digest, EFFECTIVE program that improves your professional and personal communication.
This program is NOT going to make you feel worse about your speaking or more overwhelmed about improvements you would like to make.

It’s all about shifting your thinking, giving you strength-based training and the practical skills to help you think about your speaking with upbeat joy rather than feeling held back by self-doubt.

The C-Suite is your blueprint to building communication skills that you’re proud of, so that you can make the most of your time on earth by accomplishing more interpersonal depth and self-assurance when interacting professionally and personally.

The C-Suite Curriculum

Module One: Speaking Comfort

Break The Cycle of Speaking Stress

Principles of speech pacing and flow

Short-circuit your painful speaking pressure points and have more control over your message and delivery with everyone, everywhere.


  1. To increase your speaking comfort and consistency by managing internal and external pressures
  2. To prepare your thoughts faster so that you can control timing pressures when speaking and can generate better quality interactions.
  3. Communicate in fine-form under pressure through practical  exercises that clarify your speech pace so that you get the best delivery, intellectual bang for the buck, and impact.
  4. The secret to a smooth start every time you speak so that you expel the frog in your throat, stop using fillers, and have more gravitas in stressful impromptu discussions.
  5. Secure increased speaking equilibrium so that your your ideas and speaking speed intersect with precision and clarity even when you’re against the clock and feel like you’re running out of time to share your message effectively.
  6. Reduce mumbling through exercises that refine the metric & music of your speech.


  • 6 Training videos
  • 6 Powersheets
  • Checklists and playbooks that increase your speech flow and eloquence
  • A framework for monitoring and increasing your speaking comfort
  • Speaking drills
  • Bonus resources

Module Two: Logical Flow

Invest In Your Message Content

Principles of language structure for professional polish

How to train your logical flow like a muscle and build your language skills so that you can express your ideas concisely and precisely and give your conversations the professional polish they need.


  1. How to reduce fillers like um, like, err, the thing is… so you can sound more eloquent
  2. To answer unexpected or difficult questions when you feel ill-prepared.
  3. How to give just the right amount of information so that you don’t say too much or too little when speaking.
  4. To enhance logical flow with a solid content structure to find equilibrium when speaking on the fly or under pressure.
  5. To grow your vocabulary with a 5-minute morning habit that will grow your vocabulary faster than Jack’s Beanstalk – and have the word assets you need to be more convincing, concise, and engaging.
  6. Present your ideas concisely & directly so that your listener doesn’t tune out using my logic and structure tools.
  7. How to skyrocket positive emotions, trust, and curiosity with science-backed language tactics to exert more influence and interest from your colleagues, clients and stakeholders.
  8. To tell captivating stories in professional settings that amplify your areer potential and influence using my research-based system


  • 6 Training videos
  • 6 Powersheets
  • 8 Speaking Logic Playbooks & templates
  • Bonus Resources like The Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard (2nd Edition) – a simple tool that gets powerful results by growing your vocabulary so that you use captivating and intelligent word choices every day

Module Three: Social Intelligence

Build Rapport

Principles of emotional intelligence, strategic empathy and self-advocacy.

How to use strategic empathy and self-advocacy to strike the right balance between rapport building and assertiveness so that you can enrich your interactions while protecting your interests and boundaries.

Social intelligence is all about knowing what your conversation partner likes, and giving them more of it while protecting your interests.


  1. To increase your emotional intelligence so that you can plan better responses, especially with complex emotions and challenging conversation partners.
  2. Tactical empathy – I’ll train you to embed your conversations with empathy and powerful perspective-taking so that you consolidate trust and rapport by making every conversation partner feel heard and valued.
  3. How to say a hard no and still feel safe and self-assured by considering all potential risks and upholding your code of ethics and scope of responsibility. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to strike a perfect balance between assertiveness, diplomacy, and persuasion to empower your speaking interactions.
  4. How to be assertive. My prototype for asserting your needs, opinions, and boundaries when you’re feeling the risk of opposition will enable you to be assertive and build rapport at the same time.
  5. To manage your cognitive clarity for the speaking moments that matter. My equivalent to carbo-loading for stressful conversations.
  6. To enhance outcomes from complex conversations-  you’ll access my fail-proof system that helps you prime and prepare yourself, by yourself, for high-risk conversations that you’d normally dread.
  7. How to build premium level rapport with your colleagues, clients and stakeholders so that you replace self-directed ego-centric conversations with meaningful interactions.
  8. How to speak with people with whom you feel like you share no mutual interests.
  9. How to act smoothly and calmly when faced with angry clients, a cranky boss, or nasty people without letting it turn a great day into a horrid one.
  10. How to ask questions that enhance your impression management, leadership potential and influence.
  11. How to balance the transparency of your emotions visually, verbally, and tonally (on your terms) so that you can scale how much you give – Not everyone deserves it all!


  • 6 Training videos
  • 6 Powersheets
  • 8 Playbooks and Templates
  • Bonus Resources

Module Four: Voice Tone Optimisation

Vocal Presence

Principles of voice tone optimisation and charismatic enunciation.

How to use a captivating voice tone to engage your listener, add impact to your message and boost your executive presence.


  1. Voice Calibration – Implement my vocal speaking warm-up into your daily routine so that you can improve your vocal health, comfort, and tone.
  2. Sound Shaping – How to shape your vowels so your conversation partners can enjoy listening to you more.
  3. How to reduce monotone and create excitement by increasing your voice intonation.
  4. How to expand your vocal expression and transform your messages –  Your voice has more scope than you realise. Tap into an extensive palette of vocal colours to give your conversations a high-resolution experience.
  5. Principles of healthy voice projection so that you can improve your public speaking skills as well as vocal acoustic tricks to add to your speaking straight from an opera singer.
  6. Exactly how to remove upspeak, vocal fry and other vocal negative behaviours that are killing your vocal confidence.


  • 6 Training videos
  • 7 Playbooks and Templates
  • Bonus Resources

Module Five: Tactical Charisma

Executive Presence Tactics

How to raise your charisma quotient and increase your personal magnetism and connection with your conversation partners.


  1. To increase your charisma using the science-backed gold standing charisma signalling techniques to expand your influence, leadership potential and impression management.
  2. How to use gesture, posture eye contact, and facial expression to signal leadership presence and boost your impression management.
  3. What your attire communicates – Dress, fashion, and grooming etiquette.
  4. Performance anxiety management strategies straight from an opera singer for high-performance scenarios that scare you.
  5. To increase your online presence in zoom meetings, web calls or on social media videos to get more impact for job interviews, team meetings and with clients.
  6. How to command respect so that you can protect your turn and everyone else’s by reducing interruptions and interjections.
  7. How to build out your tech stack for professional-level digital speaking
  8. How to prime and perfect high pressure speaking tasks that you wake up in a cold sweat about.


  • 6 Training videos
  • 6 Powersheets
  • 5 Playbooks and templates
  • Bonus Resources
Let’s Break It Down

What You Get When You Join Now

C-Suite Membership Access
365 days access to the 6 module suite so that you have time to learn, practice and implement the skills forever.
(Value $3500 AUD)
30 Engaging Video Lessons
My action-based training guides you clearly through new speaking skills.
(Value $1300 AUD)
24 Power Sheets
So you can systematically plug and play confident communication structures fast.
(Value $6200 AUD)
My Speaking Playbooks
Score my tried and tested playbooks that do the heavy lifting for your most complex conversations.
(Value $3300 AUD)
Guided Voice Tone Trainings
Learn how to warm up your voice daily and improve your vocal presence.
(Value $925 AUD)
Access to bonus practice materials
For 365 days you’ll have access to an organised, integrated and engaging interface where you can practice and uplevel your speaking skills.
(One-Year Access)
C-Suite Membership Access
30 Engaging Video Lessons
24 Power Sheets
365 days access to the 6 module suite so that you have time to learn, practice and implement the skills forever.
My action-based training guides you clearly through new speaking skills.
So you can systematically plug and play confident communication structures fast.
(Value $3500 AUD)
(Value $1300 AUD)
(Value $6200 AUD)
My Speaking Playbooks
Guided Voice Tone Trainings
Access to bonus practice materials
Score my tried and tested playbooks that do the heavy lifting for your most complex conversations.
Learn how to warm up your voice daily and improve your vocal presence.
For 365 days you’ll have access to an organised, integrated and engaging interface where you can practice and uplevel your speaking skills.
(Value $3300 AUD)
(Value $1500 AUD)
(One-Year Access)
Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The C-Suite Even Work?

The C-Suite is a tailored online course that delivers a total fix for your professional speaking.

I've designed the program with a strong focus on action-based learning to ensure practical outcomes and noticeable gains in your everyday speaking. My emphasis is on training you to enhance your leadership potential through communication tactics grounded in research that enrich your rapport building skills, assertiveness and influence. 

The 5- core training modules emphasise growth for your workplace speaking, but you'll also pick up as many instant-fix solutions to add to your low key social interactions. 

The training unfolds sequentially, moving through 30 engaging video lessons that cover comprehensive research-backed techniques to enhance your

  • Speaking Comfort
  • Logical Flow
  • Social Intelligence
  • Voice Tone
  • Tactical Charisma & Leadership Potential

All video lessons are supported by ingenious playbooks, templates, and power sheets that enable you to practice your new skills and implement them fast into your daily life.

Who exactly is this program for?

The C-Suite was custom-built for detail orientated communicators who want to amplify the potential of their communication with a sharp focus on mastering the speaking skills to increase career growth opportunities.

The bulk of the content draws on robust research into executive communication, leadership presence, organisational influence and corporate communication.

Although designed with executives and emerging leaders in mind, the techniques are transferable for anyone who wants to increase their impact, influence and speaking comfort.

Will I get feedback on my speaking during the program?

The C-Suite is a complete online course, not a one to one coaching program, so there are no individual feedback sessions on your speaking. However, you will receive science-backed resources that allow you to skillfully appraise and evaluate your speaking like a communication scientist yourself.

The C-Suite has been built for the busy career professional with impromptu speaking demands. The outlined methods develop your ability to respond independently to pressing conflicts, stressful speaking scenarios, and unexpected conversational twists and turns. You don't need to book a time for a consultation and divulge private matters with a consultant when you're already juggling a hectic schedule. Instead, you'll have the tools to be autonomous and agile with your professional speaking by yourself after completing the modules.

Is the C-Suite suitable for me if English is not my first language?

Absolutely. You can apply the principles across all languages. Many of my clients are multi-lingual professionals seeking to increase their executive presence and speaking comfort to better career advancement. The C-Suite will give you a platform to advocate for your right to a seat at the table.

How much time will it take to complete the entire course?

Although you have one year of access to the C-Suite, you can consume it at the pace that suits you.

For example,
If you allocate an hour a day to the content, you should be able to get through all modules, power sheets and playbooks within six weeks max.

Implementation is best considered over a longer duration, so although you can manage to complete all modules within a tight time frame, I recommend engaging with the resources, templates and playbooks all year to ensure potent speaking growth occurs. I've built the program to train you in effective communication principles but, more importantly, to equip you with the tools you need to implement long term changes in your speaking skills and habits.

How much time do I have to dedicate to this program to see results?

The unique action-based learning focus of the C-Suite means you'll have tangible and active skills to implement quickly.

But, like all learning, long term gains are best achieved through detailed immersion, practice and refinement of your new skills.

The C-Suite guides you by the hand and sets up a new approach to evaluating your speaking. Once you've completed all the modules, you'll have a detailed and systematic framework that you can use for life to continue refining your professional speaking and take it to new levels.

Of course, the scope of your results depends on how far you want to take it! If your sights are on a CEO or executive role, this program will give you the tools to prepare your communication for long term large growth goals.

Is the C-Suite helpful for my workplace communication if I'm a strong speaker?

No matter your personality style and current speaking skills, the C-Suite is unique in how it integrates a framework for you to appraise, regulate and scale your speaking strengths. Communication is an umbrella term for a massive set of skills.

Since daily speaking is spontaneous, we can never fully anticipate risk. The further you progress in an organisation.
(ie., moving into managerial positions) the greater the risk. The skill to be precise with niche communication will amplify your influence and reduce your stress. Increasing your speaking logic and social intelligence will allow you to respond to interactions with increased finesse and cognitive clarity, especially when faced with a heavy workload, increased responsibility and leadership duties.

Numerous lessons are dedicated to refining your communication for team-based discussions, change management, and tactical empathy, giving you incredible leadership traction.

Will the C-Suite improve Public Speaking Skills?

Maybe you’re a CEO on the hunt for a program for your emerging executives, or perhaps you’re lying awake dreading tomorrow’s presentation; whatever it is, this course gives a total fix for all your career communication pressures, including presentation literacy!

Watch this video to learn more:

But I'm Not A Confident Communicator...

This program starts with a complete module dedicated to speaking comfort. I've designed the C-Suite to be suitable for introverts and extraverts alike. Recent research in Communication Science proves that you can increase your charisma, leadership potential and speaking comfort, no matter your personality.

The C-Suite gives you the tools to improve your speaking confidence and interaction comfort, taking a strength-based model that will affirm and empower you while still dedicating attention to addressing areas of speaking discomfort and weakness to improve your risk areas. I've designed the resources to allow you to personalise your speaking goals incrementally to build and grade the steps it takes to address and implement progress around your greatest speaking fears. 

Can my employer pay for my C-Suite access

The C-Suite has been designed with both individuals and companies in mind. This makes the program an ideal investment for any organisation that wishes to invest in a research-based speaking training program for a staff member.

Can I purchase the C-Suite for my employee/s?

The C-Suite has been designed to strengthen communication skills within teams and organisations. This makes the program an ideal investment for any organisation that wishes to invest in an evidence-based speaking training program for a staff member.

If you would like to purchase a program for one employee,

please email our support team upon purchase, and we can assist with giving your staff member access to the program directly.

If you would like to purchase the program for more than one employee,

get in touch with us at

What Makes The C-Suite Different From Other Courses?

3 unique reasons.

First, you’re going to internalise a system for communication improvement that you can apply to all contexts and environments. The suite trains you so deeply that not only will you improve your speaking style, but you also gain a strong understanding of the process of communication so that you can independently evaluate and tweak your performance for the rest of your life.

Unlike other programs that focus on a niche skill, my niche is training you to think like a communication scientist so that you can always have the tools you need so that when unexpected conversations or a speaking hiatus occurs, you can get yourself through it with commando-style tactics. Communication science is detailed, and people devote their entire academic careers to it.

The C-Suite compresses the most important up to date info that you need to know to leverage communication to your advantage and packages it into “easy to digest, hands-on, exquisitely prepared learning material.” The C-suite provides the backbone you need to drive your knowledge and speaking behaviours forward.

Second, the C-Suite provides a bridge between the artistic and scientific communication process. A lot of what you say is shaped by the human expressive element. The artistic side of speaking influences your listener’s emotions and mood. As an opera performer and literature graduate, I’ll train you in how to apply the right expressive approach that boosts charisma and inspires your conversation partners to engage and give you a chance to have the influence you desire.

But not only that, my expertise as a clinical communication scientist (aka speech pathologist) and researcher allows me to train you in the mechanics and practical aspects of communication like voice tone (based on principles of physics), speech rhythm (based on metric rhythms), and strategic frameworks that map communication in a mathematical, logical way.

Third, there’s only one Sara Geiger. Clients who’ve worked with me can vouch that you’re in for “fun, informative and practical sessions” delivered by an “upbeat, passionate and incisive expert-” (their words, not mine).

How Long Will I Have Access To The C-Suite?

With 30 video lessons spread across five modules and extensive resources, you'll want to dedicate time to go through the content and follow up with ongoing practice and review of your goals. This is why you'll receive 365-days of access to all the content to pace yourself and feel calm about implementing long term, sustainable changes with your speaking.

Why is the C-Suite priced in Australian Dollars?

The Sara Geiger International HQ is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Although we serve clients worldwide, we price our services in Australian dollars.

When does enrolment close for the C-Suite?

At the moment, C-Suite is open for enrolment at any time, but this limited time offer for full access at a special price of $3500, is only guaranteed for a limited time, as displayed on this page. 

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Do you have a Refund Policy for the C-Suite?

The C-Suite is an engaging, stimulating, and first-class experience for your communication. This course is my magnum opus- the product of over two decades of experience as a speech pathologist, elite opera singer and communication consultant, plus months of in-depth R&D entails the need for careful protection of my prototyped methods and industry secrets. For this reason, no refunds are available on purchase.

We only get one life. You want to spend it making an impact, not feeling stressed about speaking. 
Anxious and hesitant interactions are like a stone in your shoe; it’s only a matter of time before the build-up becomes painful. You don’t have to be held back because of a lack of learnable communication skills. 


 I’ve seen many of my clients move from monotonous, weak and hesitant speaking to absolute masters of their message. All it takes is a new systematic approach to speaking. Changed speaking habits can be the exact thing you need to land your dream job, start your entrepreneurial journey, cinch top-level speaking engagements or finally win that executive management role.

Our Guarantee to You

our guarantee

CADENZA services are an engaging, stimulating, and first-class experience for your communication. Since extensive planning and detail go into tailoring sessions and digital services for you, we do not extend any refunds on any of our services.

We provide a top-tier service, if you are dissatisfied with anything we’ll work to make it right because we are committed to advocating for your communication comfort.

Get ahead with persuasive, influential and charismatic communication tactics so that you can transform your career, personal success and leadership.
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